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50HEARTS"Good" and "Evil", the contradicting disposition of a person mind

The integer “50” has a meaning of “half”.
All stories are developed along the oscillations between "good" and "evil" which divide the heart of a person.


Every work are created from a single drop of sound, and the stories are given birth when melody becomes harmony.
This project is based on the work of each musical track born out of such alternations, and expressed through an ideology which transcends the standard concept of music, for example with common genres or assigned musical instruments.
Each of the assembled members are masters in motion pictures, photography, literature and web production, and operate as a creative team to construct the world view of 50 HEARTS.
The objective is to transmit these works, composed entirely with English lyrics, to the entire world through the internet.


It begins with a backdrop of religious concepts, such as the Old Testament as well as ancient and existing religions, and projecting this world view through the sound of band music.
Shining a spotlight on the historical panorama inherited as the roots of society since the genesis of humanity, this group performance fuses the representations of mankind with romantic grandeur in a modern re-construction.
The entirety of each work is represented in the story of the main character's experiences through verses and melodies composed in English, expressed via a variety of forms - for example, novels - interweaving and flowing together.
Each work is a fragmentary depiction of the world view held by 50 HEARTS, and with the birth of each work, the story continues to expand.
This project is simultaneously a creation, page by page, of the gospel woven together by 50 HEARTS.




Josuke is a producer and a singer-songwriter of 50 HEARTS.
He conceives the original concept of world view and through the conduction of the original composing, each work becomes 0 to 1.
With a background developed through his 15 years of international school education from kindergarten to middle school, having received influence from the religions and history of a diverse range of nations, this upbringing also has informed the world view of this project.
In addition to this work with 50 HEARTS, he is currently involved in other work such as being the image model for a men's apparel brand, and as founder and CEO of a web production company.(Center)


Masaki has a role both in musical and graphic productions. He design the jacket and main visuals while contributing guitar and rhythm to the soundtrack. (Right)


Throughout the soundtrack, Toru's music has both a delicate tone quality and an impactful sound that carry forth the portrayal of the story. He is in charge of the guitar and piano parts. (Left)


Hiroki express the worldview of 50 HEARTS by creating the film. Under the influence of his cinephile father, he was raised from his early years watching plenty of movies, both from Japan and from the West. He studied visual culture and theory academically and examined the different ways of composing and doing takes in films from various countries. Besides films from Japan and Hollywood, he widened his horizons by watching underground movies from places like Russia and Indonesia.


Tetsuro showed a knack for writing from an early age and his summer break book reports were praised every year in front of the whole school assembly. He has been working as a professional web writer since 2014, with some of his current articles reaching over 100,000 views. Having lived in Australia and Taiwan, he not only writes in Japanese but also in English and Chinese. Tetsuro has role to write down what he see throughout the project.